Why Should Couples Pay More Attention to a Perfect Wedding Venue?

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love stories. Every wedding is a lot of work, apart from being the dream it is. A lot of thought goes into a wedding. Be it the venue, the wedding cake or the invitations. Couples invest a lot of time and effort into planning their picture-perfect wedding. And why wouldn’t they? It’s the day their love story is celebrated with their near and dear ones. It’s the day that will be marked in their memories forever. It’s a very crucial milestone that will be etched in their life stories together.

The wedding venue is one of the most crucial aspects of any wedding planning. A lot depends on this particular aspect, be it your budget or your invitations, it’s all included. Wedding venue takes up a good amount of effort, given the fact that the whole wedding is to be planned around it. Every registered celebrant or wedding planner would suggest to book a venue as soon as the date is fixed.

Here are 5 reasons why couples need to pay more attention to a perfect wedding venue:

1. A suitable wedding venue will allow you to stay within the budget:

A lot of money is invested at weddings. It’s usually wise that couples decide on a certain budget in advance and proceed accordingly. There would be a lot of other couples that have planned the wedding on the same day as you, in your locality. The chances are high that some of them will have an eye for the same location as you. There could be a location that holds a specific emotional value for you. You don’t want them to be unavailable to you or be available at a price that is beyond your budget. This is why you should book your desired venue, months in advance. This will save you a lot of stress and allows you a lot of flexibility in your wedding planning.

2. A good wedding venue will allow you to personalize your wedding:

Every couple wants their wedding gives a glimpse of their love story to their wedding guests. They want the wedding to talk about their beautiful love story. This is why every wedding is in alignment with the couple’s personality and is unique in its way. Having a wedding venue in mind helps the couple in doing this. They could decide on setting up a specific theme for their dream wedding or make plans about the decoration.

Once the couple knows the venue in advance, it becomes easier to coordinate and make plans accordingly. Chances are, the venue already has certain props that the couple might be able to use. One could also ask if the staff has certain recommendations that they have learnt from couples in the past. Hotel staff usually have a lot of great suggestions that they get hold of from the numerous weddings they witness.

3. A good wedding venue will ensure that your guests get the best treatment:

Wedding guests play a big role in every wedding. They come from far and near, leaving their plans for the day and become a part of the couple’s story. The wedding guests take great pleasure in being a small contributor to the couples amazing love story. They bless the couple and celebrate them on hat gracious day. These points make it all the more important that the couple ensures the wedding guests comfort. Planning a venue allows the couple to check that the venue is accessible by the guests. It will also allow the couple to make arrangements for the guest’s comfort and basic needs in advance. The wedding guests must have easy access to clean washrooms and a comfortable sitting area.

4. A good wedding venue will set the right ambience for your wedding:

Not all venues are made the same way. Some venues are more upbeat while some other venues like a church are more serene. The right selection of venue should be in accordance with the preference of the couple’s taste. One might want to have a tropical-themed wedding, or a fairy tale themed wedding. None of these would be possible in the backyard of a ranch or at an old church. The ambience of the wedding becomes perfect when the venue is in line with its mood.

5. A good wedding venue will ensure you have access to good food and entertainment:

Not all the locations will have all the amenities a couple is looking for. One has to compromise on certain things with each venue. A tropical beach wedding venue may or may not have access to stable washrooms or air conditioning. However, when planned in advance, a wedding venue can make alternative arrangements for the same requirement. This will ensure that everything flows smoothly. The couple must check if or if not the venue allows outside caterers. It will be terrible to know at the last moment that the venue wouldn’t allow your highly recommended caterer.

Planning well in advance allows the couple to have clear negotiations with the venue manager. One must know the policies and the rules and regulations for no last-minute surprises. Check-in advance with the venue if its pet-friendly and if or if not fireworks are allowed.

Most importantly, paying more attention to the venue in advance ensures that the couple is relaxed on the day of the wedding. The venue takes up a good part of a lot of things, be it the weather elements, the food or the ease of access; it’s all under check with the right location.

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