In the first instalment of the A-Z of Weddings, we’ll be looking at the “A”’s. Here are just a few “A” words to get you thinking:

In the article we’ll choose a few of these words and have a look at them in more depth.

Getting engaged is a thrilling time in your life! A lot of effort goes into preparing for a wedding, and things can easily become overwhelming. Taking the time to plan and get everything in order means that your wedding will be stress-free and filled with amazing memories. Building on Ann’s years of knowledge and experience, this A to Z Weddings guide will help you to ensure that no detail is forgotten and that your big day can go off without a hitch.

We’re getting married! Making the ANNOUNCEMENT

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

One of the first things you’ll want to do is announce your exciting news. Take the time to break the news to those closest to you before heading off to social media. This is thoughtful gesture for the people supporting you on your wedding journey. When it comes to making the grand announcement, there are a variety of ways to go about it. Whether it’s in person or changing your status on Facebook, the most important thing is to do what feels right for you!

Soon after the big event takes place, you may need to send out a wedding announcement. A wedding announcement, which can be mailed to recipients, posted on a website or social media or printed in the newspaper, is an important way to include people who may not have received a wedding invitation or those who could not attend.

Selecting your wedding guest list is another big topic but to avoid problems further down the track you might want to give individuals a heads up as soon as practicable if they are expecting a wedding invite but are not going to get one!!

Complement your wedding look with the perfect ACCESSORIES

Accessories are a great way to personalise your wedding day look, and there are plenty of options to choose from for both her and him.

Let’s take a closer look at jewellery to start. Whether you’re planning to go for a pair of understated studs or showstopper dangles, earrings can have a real impact on your look. Regardless of whether you’re after a vintage or contemporary feel, wearing a bracelet, necklace or brooch can also add a unique touch. Even better, if you’ve got a special piece of jewellery that holds meaning and significance for you, it can be lovely to incorporate it into your big day.

Whether it’s a set of cufflinks, a watch or a pair of socks, there are also plenty of ways for the groom to show off his own style and personality.

Then of course there’s the veil. While it may be tradition, it’s not a look that will suit every bride’s taste. If this is the case, there are plenty of alternative hair accessories available. You could think about bling, clips, combs, fascinator, flowers, hairbands, tiara or just use your crowning glory with no embellishments.

Including ANIMALS in your big day

So, you’re thinking of having animals at your wedding? There are a few ways this can happen.

For most of us, pets are an important part of our lives. It’s not surprising that a growing number of people want to include them in their big day. Whether it’s walking with your furry friend down the aisle, having them as ring bearers or posing with them in photographs, there are many ways they can be included. If you do choose to go this route, there are a few things you definitely need to consider first. Definitely think about organising a pet wrangler!

Even if you don’t have a pet at home, there are plenty of cute and quirky ways to show your love of animals at your wedding. You might like to consider a professional animal hire company and make it a day you and your guests won’t soon forget. Why not try adding a few alpacas to the guest list!

Other ways to add a unique touch to your wedding are by releasing native butterflies or doves at the conclusion of the ceremony. This can be included as a meaningful ritual and is a way of symbolising the start of a new journey in life.

You could always have your rings delivered by a bird.

Just be mindful of the old saying “Beware working with children and animals”!!!

We hope that you’re feeling encouraged and inspired to get started on your wedding journey. Follow the links below to see some great articles and check back soon for the next “A to Z of Weddings”

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What words do you think we have missed in the “A’s? What do you want included in future articles?

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