Legal Obligations

A Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant who is: professional, respectful; inclusive; legally compliant; informed; etc, all in accordance with the “Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants

  • Ensure NOIM (Notice of intended Marriage) is lodged with Celebrant in relevant timeframe, checking information and ID
  • Provide a copy of Happily Ever Before and After
  • Ensure Declaration of No Legal Impediment (DNLI) signed before the Marriage Ceremony
  • Include All legal words in the Marriage Ceremony: Celebrant Introduction; Monitum (meaning of marriage in Australia); Vows (spoken by couple); Couples full names spoken at least once on the Marriage Ceremony
  • Witness the signing of the 3 Marriage Certificates (2 copies of Certificate of Marriage and the Presentation Certificate) by couple, and their 2 witnesses over 18
  • Give the signed Presentation Certificate to the couple
  • Submit the Marriage Documents to the (relevant) State Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages (RBDM) within 14 days of the Marriage
  • An audible ceremony (using a PA system if needed)
  • Wedding must be held in Australia (land, territorial waters or airspace).


If you require any further information regarding legal obligations please contact me at:

Phone: 0459 739 450